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Special / Inclusive Education Needs

A special need is a challenge that interferes with one’s learning. There are different types of special needs and challenges. For instance, there are learning, developmental, behavioural, and physical challenges. Moreover, these challenges can differ in their severity, or in how much they impair learning.

Special education is for students who have challenges or disabilities that can interfere with their learning.

The term ‘Special Educational Needs (SEN)‘ is used to describe learning difficulties or disabilities that make it harder for children to learn than most children of the same age.

The Program does not have a “one-size-fits-all” approach to education. Instead, we offer customized training program to meet each student’s unique combination of needs. This includes not just learning, but also social and emotional needs. ONLINE SPECIAL EDUCATION NEEDS for Teachers / Aspiring Teachers. Click for more details.

Our program main purpose is to:

  • Identification of SEN and Individualized Intervention
  • Learn about Multi-disciplinary approach
  • Multi-Level Prevention System (Response to Intervention Model (RTI) -3 Tiered Model)
  • Focuses on meeting individual needs by providing support in the classroom and the resource room
  • Provides a Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)