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Career Testing

With a wide array of career choices ranging from engineering, mass media, medicine, IT, Biotechnology etc. and the list is endless, how do students decide what to pursue and how to choose a career.

We at Anubhuti conducts career testing, guidance and counselling for students and adult. This is supported by aptitude, interest and personality test and in-depth one on one counselling session with our expert counsellors which helps the student/parent arrive at an informed career choice and choose a career.

Career Counselling Process

Career Assessment Tests includes a battery of standardized tests i.e. (Intelligence, Aptitude, Interest and Personality) which will give insight about who

Mildlife Career Change

A detailed personality assessment along with the aptitude assessment is used to aid the working professions in getting a better understanding of them and hence

Categorisation Assessments

Grade 8 to 12/ Junior College: This assessment takes into account the intelligence, aptitude, interest and personality of the student and thereby concludes the most appropriate