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“Anubhuti – Centre of Learning Differences” provides a basket of services in-house and onsite; focus is primarily on multi-disciplinary approach involving assessment, early identification, planning its intervention programs and followups. Administration of various therapies; online and onsite training programs, research work, and writing articles on varied topics for general awareness.

It was founded in October 2014 by Ms. Mukta A. Daga as an individual practitioner. She offered counselling/consultation services to parents on their children with special needs. She helped in clinical assessments, reading reports and planning interventions for their children. As needed she jointly worked with other professionals and school to meet the individual needs of her child clients.

As a strong believer of multi-disciplinary approach, she partnered with like-minded Ms. Poonam and Ms. Navleen and formed the Anubhuti team in September 2015. The Anubhuti team brought new areas of specializations and expertise to the table and were now able to offer more services to clients of different ages, thereby helping parents, children, school, college students and adults in a more time efficient manner.

Today we are team of specialized professionals working in many different areas to meet the developmental needs of children, training of children, parents and school to help deal with their children/students differential needs through individualized counselling/consultation, workshops and training. We have now been able to expand our services by offering various speech and language therapies, occupational therapy, special-Ed services, adult counselling, career planning to just name a few.


Choosing the name was kind of easy… I wanted something on the lines of feelings in Hindi and there are hardly very few words, so once I checked if that is not in use, I picked it up! Also during that time I came across an article on the difference between sahanubhuti and anubhuti which clarified the subtle difference between the two words…

The name “Anubhuti” means empathy and what better name could be for a psychological consultancy services centre for children. It perfectly matched my vision and fortunately the name was not in use by any other psychological service agency in Mumbai! And I loved the name! In addition to choosing the name that corresponds to my vision, it was important to connect with my target population at a more grassroot level with Indian persona! Hence, my initial logo also had the first letter in Hindi….

We merged when I first saw the name while driving to work. It was the Hindi letter that caught my attention and immediately contacted her. While discussing about our nature of work, we realised that we share similar work ethics and would like to work together. Since I was searching for a name and I got it. With great hesitation, I requested if we could merge and grow together with the same name for “our companies”. To my surprise she agreed! We were excited and happy to be together. Later, she narrated that when she arrived to India in 2014, she was given my contact and asked to connect, but she couldn’t due to some reason and now we are together. As we say “right people get connected at the right time… sooner or later”. We made “Anubhuti” as our brand name and started working towards it. However, I was little concerned about not confining our work only to assessment and therapy, but to expand in the field of psychology like setting up resource room for schools or centres, do research work, developing tools and be consultant for companies and involve in training program, workshop, recruitment process etc.

We were of team of 3 and our aim was and is to “provide ethical and reliable services” to our clients. I started sharing my idea and vision about Anubhuti to my friends and colleagues, few of them joined hands to be a part of our journey. We were excited and motivated to get going, suddenly she broke the new that she {Mukta} had to relocate to USA and I was alone wondering how to proceed further in her absence and support. It took me quite some time to get things in place and re start my work slowly and gradually. Today, we are growing

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